DUI Charges Rise During Xmas

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What is expected of you in DUI situations?

The roads continue to consume people?s lives and properties in the name of drunk driving. Even with more DUI awareness, you will still find people of all kinds being caught for drunk driving. You have witnessed celebrities and people of dignity enter into the books of DUI offenders. It is just how the rules operates and no one is above the law. If the right procedure is followed by the traffic officers, and the driver is found culpable, then charges have to be introduced. If you do take alcohol, then that person could be you next time. Per year, millions of drivers are arrested for this offense. One may beg to ask what next after that? Read on to know what to do and what not to do.

Don?t drive under influence
It?s the first rule of the thumb. If you are of good conscience, then you know that drinking and Driving under the influence is an offense. So, why proceed and do it. Drinking is not illegal. But once you take a drink or two and you know you will successfully pass the Breathalyzer test, why continue and drive? That will be shooting yourself firmly, not in the foot but in the head. Study the options available. Should you take a cab home or risk going to jail or take other unwanted penalties? The choice can be as easy as picking the $40 for a cab ride and avoiding to pay $10,000 together with DUI attorney charges and higher insurance premiums. 

Blow the Breathalyzer only when necessary
If you are on the road driving soberly and an officer stops you, then you have every reason to blow the Breathalyzer and prove the officer wrong. However, if you have the habit of driving drunk, then you might need to refrain from field tests. That will subject you to further chemical tests later and suspension of your driving license.  recommend that you don?t take the test when you know it?s obvious you will get caught. The lawyers will then have other avenues to utilize to handle your case and probably get it suppressed. They can challenge the procedure followed or the stop.

Contact your lawyer
As always, it is very easy for a court to nail you down when you don?t have any support. There are some legal minds that you will require in your convictions. Without them, then you will be committing suicide. Find the best DUI lawyer in your area. It is better you don?t look at the expense. That?s because things will get even more expensive if you don?t have a lawyer. In some cases, the  lawyer can even see you through the case uncharged.