Zap Cast To Expand Into Online Camps

The Zap in Space comic has some different casts who are involved in the entire script and plot of the comic. The cast includes the following:

  • Zap Wexler

Zap is known to be the captain of the Excelsior though no one knows why he was chosen as the captain of the ship. When the story begins, we see that Zap is going to come to the entire Zap in Space comic story after he flees from the Galactic Earth Federation. When he flees, he seems to have lost his memory. In the comic, Zap is displayed to be rather childish which is explained by his loss of memory and having nothing of his earliest memories. He starts hitting on Reona on many different occasions and also gets into a fight with to Vancouver summer camp schedule However, even with the fights, he tends to focus on a much more serious side of his life which is the deep devotion that he has developed for Reona. He also tends to focus on the psychic abilities that he has. However, when he lost his memory, he also forgot about the psychic abilities that he had. As the story keeps on moving further, it is seen that his psychic abilities are considered to be far from an average intellectual which is what makes him strong.

  • Reona Lightstar

This is the lady who Zap Velxer is head over heels for and is considered to be the very first mate to join Excelsior. She is also the only female in the entire crew, and she always has to deal with Zap who always seems to be flirting with her. She is also charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the entire crew can get the whole team from the various scrapes that Zap Velxer seems to get them into every time. She had a former lover who was known as Efrem who is also considered to be the former captain of the ship. Efrem is thought to be dead which is something that Reona is still trying to sink in.

  • Grontar Grott

Grontar Grott is known to be a Quadrillion in the comic who is adamant, large humanoid species which is four-armed. He is also the mechanic for the ship and is a very dedicated species to Reona.

  • Robot

The job of Robot is to make sure that he interfaces directly with the Excelsior.

  • Kasey

Kasey is a lion-like creature in the comic who originates from a planet known as stickle bat 7. She is rather a happy and carefree creature who is also very lonely and sad on the inside.

  • The Galactic Earth Federation

This is the federation that became greedy and begun to start taking other planets by force making the villains.