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Container ships which are also commonly known as containerships are cargo ships which can carry all of their load in truck-size containers. This is a technique which is called containerization. They have recently become a mode of transport both on sea and land and is very common. It is a commercial intermodal freight transport. Since their introduction in the market back in the 1950s, their size has been increasing with time. The size of the containers has closed up to 20000 TEUs.

These container ships have been advanced in terms their speed has been increased hence reducing their time of travel. With their sizes increasing day by day, then there is much more that is yet to come.

This is a container ship which before it was constructed, it was designed to hit a capacity of 18400 TEU. However, upon completion, it had the capacity of 19,224 TEU. This is inclusive of around 1800 refrigerated containers in the ship. However, due to the huge amount of containers on this ship, there are limitations. The deadweight of the ship is a staggering 197,362DWT. This means that the containership can only take a full load of containers when the mean weight of each one of them doesn’t go beyond 10.2 tons. When there is an average of around 14-tonne containers, the capacity comes to around 14, 000 TEU.

Globe is one of the companies in the world which is owned and run by the China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL). This rail clamp warranty was launched back in the year 2014, and it became the second largest container ship to cruise the sea. It is a class of 5 ships which have been destined to cruise the Asia-Europe route. This container ship had a capacity of around 19,100 maximum twenty-foot containers. Its huge capacity gives it the second largest container ship in the world by the time it was being launched.

As of July 2015, this one was one of the largest containers shipping in the world. It is an ultra large container which is the first of a series of other six container ships and with a capacity of 18800 TEU. It is built for the United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) in the South Korea. According to the those who build it, it comes with carbon emissions which are significantly lower than the Maersk EEE types of container ships.

This is a type of Tripple E-class and falls in the category of one of the largest container ship in the world. This is a vessel which is owned and managed by a Danish shipowner Ap Moller-Maersk. This again is the largest container operation shipping in the world. This vessel is built at the shipyard of the Marine Engineering and Daewoo Shipbuilding. This ship comes with a capacity of 18, 270 TEU.

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